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Gymnocalycium stenopleurum 'Claret'

28th August 2015

The multitudinous bright bodied forms of G. stenopleurum are much reviled among the serious minded cactus growers of the world. Fortunately I am rarely serious minded and they make me laugh in a trivial way.
They are generally mass produced by grafting onto Hylocereus stocks and the Hylocereus isn't hardy, so they don't usually last long. This one has survived for three years now and I think it is approaching the end of its life. If I was serious I would graft it onto something hardier and see if it would survive long term in the greenhouse. Doesn't seem likely.
'Claret' is a good red form with some green colour at the bottom of the body so it might survive on its own roots.

8th March 2018

This represents the end, the frost got to the rootstock and like a sinking ocean liner it has slipped over. The top is doomed. I could try to re-graft it onto something hardier but it's a lot of fuss. Pretty as it is, I am prepared to let it go.