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Gynura aurantiaca

1st August 2015

Gynura aurantiaca is an old friend and I bought this small plant more out of nostalgia than any resl belief that it would survive for long under my conditions. It's a low scrambling thing like a purple hairy Tradescantia, unfortunately it isn't quite as diligent about producing and sort of rootstock below ground so it the top frosts off that is it. That was inevitable and it happened in the first winter.
Native to Java but now found throughout the tropical and warm temperate regions where it is a weedy little nuisance. I still think of it fondly, like a very old friend I have fallen out of touch with. Perhaps it is a mistake to go back, but I did and I am glad.
The orange flowers are always unexpected. If you cut them and put them in a vase nobody would ever identify them.

15th August 2015