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Haemanthus albiflos 'Variegated'

12th October 2015

Back in 2006 I saw a plant of Haemanthus albiflos for sale at Trevena Cross Nursery looking a little sad, as they always do. It had a few pale streaks through the leaf and I bought it because I had an inkling that it was a variegation and not a nutrient deficiency. I have been laughed at on several occasions as a result.

7th October 2017

So this is vindication, and it is sweet. This shoot appeared on the side and was an exciting and joyful moment. I divided the plant when it was large enough and it was growing on nicely when we had the coldest march (2018) since the extinction of the dinosaurs (or so). Dead as a doornail. I keep the pot in a folorn hope that there might be a late flicker of life but there won't be. It's a roller-coaster.