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Haemanthus deformis

Archive entry 08.10.17

26th November 2010

I was sent this as a young seedling labelled H. baurii and it is growing well. It is no longer accepted as a valid species, but treated as a synonym for H.deformis. I am retaining the name it arrived with until it has flowered and I can confirm its identity.

29th September 2016

Yes, this is H. deformis.

7th October 2017

This is my second plant, obtained under the name H. deformis this time!

22nd October 2021

Further investigation suggests that this is neither H. baurii nor H. deformisbut H. albiflos or a close hybrid of it!
I don't know the genus very well, further revision of my opinion is very possible. Whatever the name, this has good flowers and makes a large, vigorous plant.