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Hedychium 'Ayo'

Archive entry 02.11.08

13th July 2006

A cultivar introduced by Stokes Tropicals in the USA, who got it from Mr.Ayo of Louisiana in 1996. Heads of white flowers that have a rounded labellum with a deep orange centre. A well travelled plant - I got mine from Bryan Brunner of Montoso Gardens in Puerto Rico.

30th October 2008

Unfortunately now my plant has flowered there is some doubt about it's identity. It should not be this deep pink.

12th March 2009

This little scrap of red may not be very spectacular, but it is a sign of life, and it was very welcome! The winter was the coldest since - well, opinions vary, but it was a long time! This red shoot was early evidence that it hadn't killed all of the Hedychium.

16th October 2011

This is rather a strong orange pink. There is a fairly general agreement that it should have a pale peachy white labellum becoming darker at the base (and this is the plant that Montoso Gardens illustrate). It is possible that the plant produces darker flowers at lower temperatures, but it is more likely that I have the wrong thing.