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Hedychium densiflorum

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11th September 2005

A charming small growing species from Nepal, India, Bhutan and Xizang. It is probably the hardiest of the species for cultivation outdoors in the UK. It flowers easily and reliably outdoors. Flower colour varies from rich yellow to bright orange.

1st October 2006

This form came from KobaKoba, and is vigorous and delightful - I particularly wanted a yellow flowered form. Unfortunately it is also a martyr to red spider mite, and I am always slow to get the biological control in to deal with it. It was a problem this year, but only on the deciduous forms, although curiously, it also affected a deciduous form of Hedychium coccineum.
I think this stock is now one of the 'Kalimpong ' cultivars.

21st September 2008

A seedling plant. I grew a large number of them but there wasn't a lot of variability, they all looked more or less like this.

21st October 2009