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Hedychium flavescens

23rd January 2006

There is some confusion between Hedychium flavescens and Hedychium flavum, mostly a consequence of the similarity of their names. Most material in cultivation seems to be H.flavescens, with pale yellow flowers having a deeper yellow mark at the base of the labellum, which is longer than it is wide. Undersides of the leaves have distinct hairs. Easily grown, but flowering very late in the season.

The hairs under the leaves can be detected by touch, they give the underside of the leaf a distinctively silky feeling. They tend to grow parallel to the veins in the leaves and are a dull biscuit colour, which makes them hard to see.
If you draw a finger lightly across the leaf, the hairs will be moved out of alignment, and become much more obvious.

15th August 2006

19th November 2008

12th December 2009

This clone has fairly dark coloured flowers, and came originally from Mark Fillan.

27th November 2015