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Hedychium gardnerianum 'BSWJ 7155'

A very odd plant, possibly not attributable to Hedychium gardnerianum. Collected by Bleddyn and Sue Wynn-Jones in northern Thailand. They describe it as having "a profusion of fragrant white flowers in lax spikes during late summer". I thought it was going to flower last year for the first time here, but it opted out at the last minute.

The leaves are clearly marked on the upper surface by the presence of the veins, and in leaf, the effect is quite unlike the typical H.gardnerianum.

15th August 2006

23rd November 2008

There is general agreement that this is unlikely to be a form of H.gardnerianum, but I don't know anybody who has flowered it yet. My guess is that it is a form of H.flavescens, but without flowers it is just a guess.