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Hedychium longicornutum

Archive entry 17.02.08

20th January 2006

An epiphytic species from peninsular Malaysia. Like most epiphytes, it will tolerate quite extreme stress from time to time, but I doubt it would withstand a winter outside, certainly it would not prosper.

As you can see, my rhizome is waiting to prosper!
In the end, it rotted without producing a shoot. I think I failed to keep it warm enough. I have seen it suggested as a plant for temperate climates but I have only ever seen photos of plants in flower from tropical and sub-tropical regions.

26th March 2007

This plant came from a nursery in the UK and has survived well in a cold greenhouse, which makes me think it is probably wrongly named. When it flowers I will either understand why, or have to eat my words.

7th November 2008

I am fairly certain the plant above is wrongly named - current best guess is that it is another form of H.flavescens. I also have a stock from the USA that turned out to be H.ellipticum. This plant however, was grown from seed from Queensland, Australia. I am fairly certain that it is the real thing!

27th November 2011

And another potful of seedlings to demonstrate that I didn't keep the plant above warm enough through the winter! Eventually I will manage to flower it (at which point I will probably lose interest in the struggle to keep it alive).

15th September 2012