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Hedychium villosum

Tall white flowered species from the same mould as Hedychium spicatum, but with larger heads of flowers. I am still waiting for it to flower here, I have plants from UK sources and also from the USA. Curiously, I have nothing directly from Nepal, southwest to Vietnam, or even from Yunnan in China. There are curently a lot of plants coming out of China, so wild collected material will no doubt appear before long.

13th July 2006

This one came to me from Aloha Tropicals in California, and I am waiting to see what it will turn into!

17th August 2006

15th August 2006

This one is almost certainly H.flavescens.

14th September 2007

This one came from Thailand, and I think it is the real thing , possibly in the form of H.villosum var tenuiflorum.

14th September 2007

14th September 2007

The red stems and knobbly rhizomes of the plant from Thailand are quite unlike the other plants I grow bearing the name.