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Hibiscus syriacus 'Notwoodone' LAVENDER CHIFFON

Archive entry 14.08.11

14th August 2011

Hibiscus syriacus tries so hard to echo the wonder of the tropical Hibiscus rosa-sinensis without any hint of success. It is a pity. It they weren't called Hibiscus we would all love them for the blowsy extravagance of their flowers. Unfortunately we don't seem able to forgive them for falling so far short of tropical aspirations and they are not very popular. From time to time there is a lethargic puff of enthusiasm and some new cultivars are raised (or some old cultivars are re-christened) to fade into dismal obscurity.
Thus we come to 'Notwoodone' LAVENDER CHIFFON and its probable future.
Needs more heat to flower than I can easily supply, it would be much more effective in the eastern counties.