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Hyacinthoides non-scripta

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3rd May 2008

The wild Bluebell is a wonderful thing, and fortunately there are still a few corners in the garden where it can prosper unhindered by my perpetual meddling.

22nd May 2009

When I first came to this garden, the Bluebells were confined to the hedges. I planted a lot of trees to provide some shelter from the wind, and although the tree cover established, the Bluebells were very slow to spread. I know it can be a troublesome weed but I still fancied the idea of a shimmer of blue at the end of the woodland flower season so I collected a bucket of seed from the margins of the garden. It sat on my desk for about nine months while I was uncertain - by that time I had started to plant some rather choice things under the trees and I wasn't sure about adding Bluebells. In the end, I needed space (and the seed was looking mouldy and starting to smell) so I went out and scattered it.
It started to flower in the third year, and is slowly getting better, but I have also started to dig out the bulbs where I need to plant, and throw them in the hedge. Something satisfyingly circular about that.

25th May 2013

Somewhere along the way I seem to have been punctured. Perhaps it was something I did when I was reckless and young but as the years have passed the youth has slowly dripped away and I am left standing on the side of the meadow in the May sunshine, enjoying the bluebells.
If I were to find the energy to frolic, this is where I would do it.

15th May 2021