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Ilex aquifolium 'Bacciflava'

13th November 2011

Years ago I planted a little stick with some rather tired leaves at the top of the garden. I was promised that it was Ilex aquifolium 'Bacciflava' that would shine with the light of a thousand tiny suns or at least have yellow berries.
I have waited and the years have passed. A few years ago I had one or two exciting berries, but a passing pigeon ate them (and presumably passed them again). This year I finally have a display and I am filled with the thrill of change like a person waiting on an underground platform feeling the rush of air in the tunnel as the train approaches.
As Brecht might have said, once the difficulty of waiting ends, the difficulty of the journey can begin.
It is unfortunate, this should be a lovely thing but years of unfulfilled expectation have festered and made me bitter!