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Ilex x attenuata 'Sunny Foster'

12th June 2019

A striking large holly with open growth. 'Sunny Foster' was discivered as a mutation on a plant of Ilex x attenuata 'Foster No.2' at the US National Arboretum by William F. Kosar in 1964.

2nd April 2021

Ilex x attenuata is a hybrid between I. casine and I. opaca and it occurs naturally in the southeastern USA where the ranges of the parent species overlap.
My plant has been lurking in the greenhouse since 2013. It would have gone out earlier but I tripped over a hose and snapped it in half. It took a while to regrow. It has now been planted out and I am hoping for great things.


  • US National Arboretum online, https://www.usna.usda.gov