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Ilex x koehneana 'Chestnut Leaf'

7th December 2008

A splendid large shrub or small tree. I bought a dozen or so as rooted cuttings back in the days when I still did things like that, and the last of them rooted through the pot and has become a little too large to move, so there it will remain!
A hybrid between Ilex aquifolium and the Japanese I.latifolia. It inherits the beautiful long leaves from the latter.

7th December 2008

Wondeful foliage strung with berries that are almost red. I'm sure they would have become red, but the blackbirds got there before the colour!
Fortunately I had sufficient insight to grab a few before they went, so with luck I will have some strange seedlings next year.

3rd February 2009

23rd January 2011

Well, it finally got too large for the space it occupied and I have cut it back to a stump, this strong new growth is the result. Cutting it down gave me enough space to get in there and clear out a couple of unwanted willow seedlings and I think it can be allowed to remain where it is. Just as a precaution, I have planted a cutting in a new hedge at the top of the garden where it can grow as large as it likes.

28th April 2012

Regrowth continues. It will be a few years before its magnificence is restored.

2nd December 2017