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Impatiens namchabarwensis 'Thominblue'

Archive entry 20.07.08

20th July 2008

A recent introduction that has been making a name for itself as a blue flowered , hardy Impatiens. I was given a rooted cutting by a friend and it grew rapidly and produced masses of blue-lilac flowers. This cultivar was produced by the breeders at Thomson and Morgan, who were attempting to produce a more compact plant (the original species is rather leggy). This still doesn't really qualify as 'compact' but it is probably less unruly.
The hardiness has yet to be demonstrated. I think my large plant was destroyed during the winter. I have a number of rooted cutings that may have survived!

20th September 2009

It has survived, but not really prospered this year (and since I am actually writing this in April 2010, I can tell you that it hasn't made it through a second hard winter)!