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Iris ensata 'Kumo No Obi'

28th June 2012

A rich purple single flowered cultivar. I planted a single fan two years ago and it has grown into an impressive clump. The names of elegant, wild form flowers have to be treated with caution and this is no exception. The cultivar should be a double, introduced by the Yokohama Nursery before 1910.
The AIS encyclopedia quotes the Flowerfield Farms Bulb catalogue from 1956;

KUMO-NO-OBI (Band of clouds). (Kokata). Pale blue-violet borders on white. A double flower with falls and standards gently reflexing downwrd. Upright style branches are white tipped with violet. The color of the borders pales as the flower matures. Tall growing, midseason bloom. Each $3.00.

21st June 2017

22nd June 2021


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