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Lachenalia rosea

7th April 2011

I was really ple3ased to get a single bulb of this pretty pink species a couple of months ago and it was already growing, so I can't take any credit for producing a flower. I last tried to grow it in the 1980's when I failed to germinate some seed. Unfortunately I have to take the credit for that, I think the seed was viable and the failure was mine. No time to dwell on past incompetence, I hope to keep it growing for as long I can through the summer, so that the bulb grows as big as possible, which should give the best chance of a repeat performance next year.
The species grows on coastal flats in South Africa so it is probably not especially cold tolerant. Fortunately if grows in moist locations which should give it a better chance of surviving the damp climate here

17th April 2014