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Lamprocapnos spectabilis 'Gold Heart'

30th May 2013

I am a lover of gold leaved forms of plants. I sometimes feel as though I should apologise for that, the world seems to be filled with people looking down their noses at the feaks and marvels of plant life, but I don't. It is the way I am and there is no point hiding from it.
When I first saw the golden form of Lamprocapnos spectabilis I was filled with an explosive and exciting mix of delight and horror. It was being offered for sale in a large "Discount" chain store, looking wan and over-handled. Terrible plants, wonderful idea.
I didn't buy one at the time - the horror won - but it was a joy to buy one when I had got over it. It has the potential to be deeply repulsive in a way that is only possible for good ideas gone bad. The gold foliage could be pale and scattered with insipid pink flowers. It could be terrible.
Fortunately it isn't. It needs careful siting, it is true. It needs some moisture and protection from the excesses of the weather. In a perfect place, nestling in a beam of sunlight with a dark background, it is as perfect as a plant can be.
In this case, the black background was provided by a plastic bucket. Sometimes a perfect idea needs a little help.

18th April 2015