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Larix x marschlinsii

14th November 2009

Back in the era when I was still planting large trees as windbreaks I put a couple of European Larch, Larix decidua on the northwest boundary and a row of Japanese Larch, Larix kaempferi on the southeast boundary. Between them, in the middle of the site I planted the hybrid between them, which in those days was called Larix x eurolepis. From time to time I forget which is which, and my little geographical aide-memoire reminds me. (There are also some 3inch plastic labels buried beneath them but it is difficult to push a 12inch trunk aside to find them).
Over the years, L.x eurolepis has become L.x marschlinsii which I can never remember. There is a short moment in autumn when they are golden, but this one is right outside my office window and blocks out the sun without ever really being decorative.