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Lathyrus aureus

Archive entry 11.04.10
Archive entry 26.05.13

10th May 2009

A good perennial that makes clumps of lush leaves and produces flower heads over many months. More of a Vetch than Pea, it doesn't produce vining stems and so remains manageable. I have it in a pot at present, and when the herbaceous border is finished, it will be tried out there.

10th April 2011

As I write this it still hasn't gone out into the border but it will have to go soon - I need the space on the bench in the greenhouse and it suffers really badly from red spider mite in the dry atmosphere.

30th May 2013

Doing much better now it has been planted out. Haven't seen a red spider mite on it since I took it out of the greenhouse.

9th May 2015