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Laurelia sempervirens

10th February 2008

It's a long story, but I saw a really beautiful tree of Laureliopsis philippiana in a local garden and I wanted one! I am slowly replacing some of the short lived trees in the windbreak with some slightly choicer alternatives. This was my first attempt to obtain the Laureliopsis and I am fairly certain it is Laurelia sempervirens, which I don't mind. I am sure there is a space for it!

17th April 2011

It isn't entirely happy that I planted it up at the wild far end of the garden where it will one day (when its head grows above the hedge) be exposed to the worst of the westerly gales, but it had to go somewhere. It is certainly happier there than it would have been in a pot while I messed around looking for a perfect place.
Every now and then I clear the brambles away from it and it is starting to grow away.

6th February 2015