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Ledebouria cooperi

28th April 2007

A pink flowered species. The remarkable foliage has thin purple lines down the leaves.

8th June 2008

3rd May 2009

9th May 2015

24th May 2018

Bought from Julian and Sarah Sutton at Desirable Plants in 2007 for £3.00. The label says:

Dwarf clump forming bulb. Pinstriped lvs, heads of purple fls like bunches of grapes. Sun, drainage, not too cold.

26th May 2021

Ledebouria coooperi is found throughout South Africa and grows in wetland habitats. Flower colour varies from green to purple and the leaves also show a range of patterns of purple spots and stripes. It divides very freely and plants in cultivation in the UK seem to belong to a single clone or strain with parallel purple lines on the underside of the leaves and striking pink flowers.