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Ledebouria socialis

2nd June 2006

When I first met it, it was still being called Scilla violacea, and every time I see it, I still start at Scilla violacea and then think, no, it's a Ledebouria now, and it isn't called violacea any more, it has become..um..oh yes, socialis. Names exist as a shorthand for full descriptions, and every time a name changes , it becomes longhand again for an entire generation. Think of it less as a whinge, and more as a puddle of perplexity!
It is a delightful little plant. Will if still cross pollinate a blue flowered Scilla? I wonder about it regularly, but never really do anything to find out.

22nd June 2007

The commonest of the species in cultivation, often grown in succulent collections. The silver leaves are lightly spotted and mottled with pale green. Short spikes of green and purple flowers in late summer.

31st July 2007

17th August 2008

28th June 2009

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