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Limonium cosyrense

27th July 2013

If I had a questing philosophical mind I would wonder about the strange way that thought and deed seem to vie with each other for superiority. Fortunately, I don't have. I wonder why that is?
Which brings me indirectly to the Sea Lavenders. Limonium is not a genus I understand. I grew a few of the more 'herbaceous border' types many years ago but the climate here is too wet, or perhaps they are just short lived. I'm not sure. I tried a few, they died after a bit, I moved on. In a brief reflective moment (the chances are I was in the bath at the time, but I don't remember) I wondered if they would like the climate in the new Agave House, which I hope will be bright and dry. No sooner had I thought it (well, I had got out of the bath and dressed myself) than I saw this for sale at a nursery and decided to test the idea.
A small growing species from Sicily and Malta, it seems to have prospered under cover (it is rather small, my eyesight misses the details). If it comes back strongly next year I will happy. On sunny days it smothered itself with tiny pinkish grey flowers.
Once I had started to congratulate myself on managing to grow it in a greenhouse, I saw it seeding about in the Plumbaginaceae border at Cambridge Botanic Garden, making my poor plant look rather feeble. I am not downcast, I am enjoying it.

18th July 2014

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