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Limonium sinuatum

6th September 2013

A number of things have contributed to my awareness of Limonium this year. A good display in the greenhouses at Kew during the winter played a part. Whatever the reason, I have acquired a few by accident once my eye was in.
My local garden centre had several trays of statice left over at the end of the season. I bought one, planted them among the Agave and have spent as month or two enjoying them. Limonium sinuatum is usually grown as an annual but is actually a short lived perennial. I am hoping that in the dry conditions with the Agave they will come through the winter and be delightful next year. If not, they have been fun.

5th July 2014

It has done well in the Agave house and a range of colour forms have overwintered well.

13th September 2014

11th July 2014

18th July 2014