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Liquidambar styraciflua 'Aurea'

28th July 2007

I planted my young tree about five years ago, and it is slowly advancing beyond the 'just planted' appearance.

1st November 2008

I will be well pleased if it grows into a specimen as good as this one at Wisley!

6th September 2013

Trees change slowly and it takes a while to realise that after years of looking down on it, it is now looking down on me. This isn't a clone that produces anything significant in the way of autumn colour but there is a richness about the colour of the summer leaves that is satisfying.

15th November 2018

12th November 2021

Plants that fit the description of this cultivar have been known since 1914 n the USA. Various names have been used and there may be more than one similar looking clone in cultivation. Eric Hsu and Susyn Andrews writing in the IDS yearbook in 2004 have suggested that the name Variegata Group might be more appropriate to cover the range.


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