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Lobelia aberdarica

4th May 2008

One of the smaller species of tree Lobelia, from the slopes of Mt.Kilimanjaro. I have it under cover in a pot, I don't think it would grow in the garden, but I am told it is very easy from cuttings, so I may take a chance next year (if it survives this winter!).

12th December 2009

14th February 2010

This is unfortunately the last picture I took of it. It didn't flower and I didn't manage to root any cuttings so the winter of 2010-11 killed my only plant. I think it was a harsh radiation frost that actually finished it off and I could have prevented that by covering it up, but it is easy to be wise after the event. If I ever get another opportunity to grow it I think there is a reasonable chance of success under cover.