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Lonicera xylosteum

6th May 2007

I am rather fond of the shrubby honeysuckles, despite the fact that they are (almost without exception) larger than can be comfortably supported by their fragile beauty. Notwithstanding, even this cream flowered lump of green is welcome. It takes a moment of dancing sunlight to animate the bush in any way.

18th May 2008

17th May 2009

17th May 2013

A widespread species growing from Europe through to Siberia. It occurs in Britain but it is probably naturalised rather than truly native.
In the last year I have dug it up from its original location and moved it to the top of the garden (widening a path to improve the access). It seems to have moved without trouble and is growing away again - it got a severe haircut at the time.

20th April 2017