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Magnolia grandiflora

27th November 2010

An excellent evergreen tree from the southern states of the USA, it has a reputation for needing a sheltered position and the warmth of a wall to prosper in th UK. I am hoping that I live far enough south and west in the UK to get away with a few liberties.
I am slowly thinning out the Ash trees in the woodland and replacing them with more interesting things. Unfortunately the woodland is at the top of a hill, and in the winter the wind whistles up there like a shepherd with a lost dog. I planted two Magnolia grandiflora because I love the foliage, I love the scent of the (infrequent) flowers, and I love how cheap they were. Sadly, the latter plays a part in most of my planting decisions.
This first winter was not quite optimal, but they have both come through and are starting to produce new growth so I have hopes.