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Magnolia 'Peppermint Stick'

17th April 2011

A Californian hybrid between M.liliflora 'Nigra' and M.veitchii. I planted it a couple of years ago and then decided it was in the wrong place. It has been dug up and moved twice since it first went in, and magnolias hate root disturbance, so it is a wonder it hasn't sulked to death, but it hasn't.
Like it or not (and I am lukewarm) it is going to stay where it is now. It may well be a magnificent thing when it is mature. I am going to have to wait, and the excitement hasn't started to build yet.

30th May 2013

A hybrid between M. liliflora and M. x veitchii raised during the 1950's by Dr Todd Gresham at Santa Cruz, California.

3rd May 2018

10th April 2021

I continue to find it slightly disappointing. The flowers have a poor shape, though they have good poise on the ends of the twigs. It is not very floriferous though that may just be where I have it planted in the shade.