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Magnolia 'Pinkie'

Archive entry 22.06.14

22nd May 2011

A late flowering shrubby Magnolia raised by William F. Kosar and Francis de Vos at the US National Arboretum in 1956, a hybrid between M.stellata 'Rosea' and M.liliflora 'Reflorescens'. The flowers last for a long time, even as the spring warmth increases, and planted in a windy location it gets very battered and (dare I say it) ugly.
I am hoping it will make a good windbreak for the Hellebores without shading them unduly. By the time it opens, they are more or less over so it adds some slight interest to a border that has finished.

30th May 2013

24th May 2018

2nd June 2021

I planted it in 2004 and it has slowly grown into a lax shrub about 3m tall.