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Magnolia x proctoriana

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6th April 2006

A hybrid between Magnolia salicifolia and Magnolia stellata.

In 1983 I planted three together in a small group, because I had grandiose visions of a grove of Magnolias. Two of them are now very beautiful, the third died, mostly because it was planted into subsoil. Now they are decent sized trees, I have been inspired to plant more in the woods to replace some of the Ash seedlings.

17th March 2007

The first hybrid originated with T. R. Proctor who found it among seedlings of M. salicifolia and sent it to the Arnold Arboretum.

30th March 2008

3rd February 2009

The flowering display is sometimes brief, so a decoration of snow in February is very welcome.

18th April 2013

8th April 2018

2nd April 2021

In 1985 I planted three young plants into some unpromising sub-soil exposed after excavating a terrace. The first died quite quickly, the second grew for a decade before expiring but the third grew into a moderate sized tree.