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Mahonia siamensis

Archive entry 24.01.16
Archive entry 11.02.18

10th May 2013

A shrub from Vietnam and Yunnan with magnificent hanging foliage and heads of rich yellow flowers in winter. Unfortunately in terms of cold hardiness (not soft hugability) it is rather tender. It spent the first winter in the Hedychium house and survived a mild year without damage. This summer I planted it out in the Agave house where it will get summer heat to ripen the wood and as much frost protection as I can manage.
All available fingers are crossed.

6th February 2018

1st January 2022

It seems that it is tougher than its reputation, it hasn't been damaged outside. I have a spare plant growing in the Agave house that will now be found space in the garden. There have been suggestions that this might actually be M.duclouxiana, which has been introduced a couple of times in recent decades.