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Mammillaria gracilis 'Arizona Snowcap'

16th December 2006

A fairly tough species that clusters like tiny spiteful bubbles. It is supposed to be quite hardy, but I haven't tried it yet.

12th May 2007

20th May 2008

The individual flowers are lost in the general white prickliness and of little decorative value. It has done well under cover here, and if I ever get around to building a succulent house, I will try it in the ground, but there is no point in putting it outside where the wet would just finish it off!

3rd January 2009

After a couple of really cold winters, I think it is safe to say that it is cold hardy here, though it is still protected from winter wet.

14th September 2013

It has been languishing in a small pot for years and I have finally planted it out in the Agave house so that I have a small prickly hazzard to avoid kneeling on when I am weeding. I can't imagine any reason that it shouldn't prosper beyond all previous experience and that may well be lethal optimism. Whatever the outcome, I have been really happy with it through the summer nestled between large rocks and tucked into the gravel. The rocks are not purely decorative. They are meant to act as tiny storage heaters, slowing the rate of change of temperature around the plant.