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Moraea huttonii

Archive entry 29.04.07

25th April 2007

There are a lot of Moraea, and I have kept clear of them for a long time. Many of them are rather tender, but sufficiently spectacular to make me want to grow them, which would be frustrating!
A few of them make fairly good garden plants, and I am slowly overcoming my resistance and trying a few (I don't know why, there are still plenty of Gladiolus to occupy my attention - just fickle I guess!).
This one grows tall stems supporting the large yellow flowers marked with brown. I am still waiting to see how it will deal with frost. It seems to like a lot of water through the summer, it is still open to question if it will tolerate the moisture through winter.

11th May 2008

25th May 2017

10th June 2021

From the mountains of the Drakensberg in South Africa. It likes moisture during the growing season and is quite tolerant of low temperatures. The long evergreen leaves can be untidy and the flowering season can be short, but the general appearance is remarkable.