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Moraea spathulata

12th April 2007

I first met this species as a student, making a large perennial clump in a typical herbaceous border, and so I rather took it for granted. I have since come to appreciate that a large clump takes a lot of patience, and wish I had treated it with a bit more astonishment! I acquired a couple of bulbs at a nursery sale ( a couple of decades ago) and have struggled to please it ever since. I have finally faced the fact that not all South African bulbs require dry growing conditions, and grow it in a very wet position, which it seems to like!
Bright yellow flowers that are quite wonderful for a time in early summer.

4th April 2019

The yellow Moraea seem to be confused in cultivationm. I think this is the real thing, the plant above (pictured in 2007) may well be M. huttonii.