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Musa basjoo

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10th March 2008

The Japanese banana is the most astonishing of the species currently being sold for the 'exotic' garden, thanks to the wonders of tissue culture. This year I have finally had to accept that my plants have grown too large to keep in the greenhouse. Two of them have gone out into the garden. Two more will follow them in spring.

30th August 2008

When it is growing well, it is an amazing addition to the herbaceous scene. This one is growing at Wisley, and I have high hopes that mine will soon look like it!

25th October 2009

This is what mine actually looks like, at least it was before the frost reduced it to ground level, and the builders stacked 26 tons of scaffolding on it, and a cat sat on the top. It was the cat that bothered me. Now I'm waiting to see if it will burst from the ground like a flood from a broken water main or ... not!

27th November 2010

This is not the kindest way to treat a Banana, but it has survived and regrown, so I think it is now secure outside.

6th September 2013

Time to put aside my tragic fixation with pictures of tropical plants in the snow and include one of it growing happily at its peak.
Ilex platyphylla on the right, pile of weeds on the left.

29th September 2017

17th August 2021