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Nerine 'Alabaster'

Archive entry 24.10.21

11th October 2018

In 1952 Mrs Emma D. Menninger and her husband, from Southern California, ordered one of everything from the Rothschild Nerine collection at Exbury. They went on to produce a range of cultivars of their own, known as the Green Oaks collection. Among the plants Mrs Menninger refers to is N. 'Alabaster'. I haven't managed to trace the reference yet so I can't add much. Whether it was an original Exbury hybrid, one of the Green Oaks seedlings or just a plant she had seen and admired I don't know. I can't find any other trace of the plant and this isn't it.

This is a seedling raised and named by Robin Alabaster with a magnificent head of pure white flowers on strong stems. I think that it is the best white flowered cultivar I have seen. It is certainly the best of the dozen or so that I grow.

16th October 2021