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Nothoscordum gracile

Archive entry 10.05.09

12th May 2007

Although I raised it from seed marked 'Tulbaghia capensis' it seems unlikely that this will actually be Tulbaghia capensis (flowers brown to purple!). Whatever it turns out to be, this has made an attractive summer flowering bulb (and I am open to suggestions).

9th May 2008

7th May 2009

A pretty species. I have finally identified it, and at the same time I was advised that it is an abominable thug so I am pleased it is still in a pot.

11th September 2011

...and when I was sent this one I was told it was Dichopogon strictus, an Australian bulb that smells of chocolate.

29th May 2019

A decade ago I disposed of all my plants of Nothoscordum gracile for fear that it would become a bulbous weed. Another one has appeared, I'm not sure how, but it will also be destroyed.