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Ochagavia carnea

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28th March 2006

Many years ago Terry Jones gave me a plant of Ochagavia lindleyana, which was a fantastic long leaved silver spiny bromeliad that was hardy here in a sunny position.
Eventually I lost it when surrounding vegetation overgrew it - I kept meaning to rescue it , but when I finally got there it was dead.
At the same time, Kew had it labelled as Ochagavia carnea, so I bought this to replace it , but it seems to be a different plant.
Long boring story, nice plant anyway! Compact heads of pink flowers.

2nd September 2007

9th September 2007

7th April 2008

Another one that was caught in the snow shower in April, but which has shrugged it off.

17th January 2014

After many years sitting around in a pot it has finally found a home in the Agave house. I should have split a rosette from it before it was planted because I don't fancy wrestling with it as it gets larger.

10th August 2017

12th April 2022