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Olearia arborescens 'Moondance'

27th December 2013

The garden here has slowly transformed from open and windy to shady with dank undertones. Olearia were among the plants that enjoyed the former conditions and I have watched a great many species slowly wimp away as the trees establish and produce some shade. The last few Olearia macrodonta were removed a year ago and replaced by tree ferns, which indicates the change in conditions.
In the process I have recognised that I want some areas of sunshine and that I am still quite keen on Olearia.
All of which is a long preamble of little significance, because I bought this one the moment I saw the gaudy leaves.
Olearia arborescens is widespread in New Zealand. High altitude southern forms will probably be hardy here, low altitude northern forms could be more of a problem.
'Moondance' originated with Blue Mountain Nurseries in New Zealand and will eventually have large white heads of daisy flowers though they probably don't matter to the overall effect.

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