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Olearia macrodonta 'Major'

21st June 2009

An excellent , tough, fast growing windbreak. I planted a lot of them in the early days of the garden and a few of them remain, although I have cut them back to the ground on a couple of occasions. These are flowering well under a Eucalyptus and due to be cut back again shortly.

27th June 2010

This form is larger in all its parts than the typical example of the species. Most significantly, it has larger heads of flowers in the summer. It also grows slightly larger and is more prone to develop bare legs at the base. I prefer the larger form, but it helps to cut it back from time to time to keep it bushy.

23rd June 2012

By the end of 2012 the plants were so heavily shaded that they have been cut back to the ground. If they regrow then I will take some cuttings and look for somewhere new to plant them. If the stumps are dead then I am saved the effort of rooting them out.