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Paeonia mlokosewitschii

3rd April 2006

Large single flowers are primrose yellow and are beautiful enough to set the heart racing, but since they only last for a heartbeat it hardly matters. You have to be prepared to sit and enjoy them whenever you see them because they probably won't be there if you come back later.

21st March 2009

It has done really well in a pot, and is now large enough to risk it in the border. I think flowers are still a way off, but the leaves are magnificent.

27th December 2013

The end of December, the snowdrops and hellebores are starting to stir, and with them a couple of exciting fat red shoots.
It comes from the Causasus mountains and is one of the very few members of the genus that grows in moist and lightly wooded environments. I have unrealistic dreams of growing a great sheet of them under the trees that would be quite amazing in flower (for the few hours each year they would manage before the petals drop).
For the moment I will be happy with a few fat red shoots in winter.

30th August 2018