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Paphiopedilum insigne 'Striatiifolium'

I took the photo of this wonderful plant in 1982. I had known about its existence for several years, but was delighted when I finally bumped into it. If I hadn't been such a feckless youth I would have recorded where I got it. Happy days!

When I moved away from the warm greenhouse it lived in, I gave it away to somebody with suitable facilities. I wish I could remember who! It materialised briefly out of fable, stayed with me for a few years, and has now returned to the intangible world of the mind. All I have to show for it is this picture!

(Feckless, but I had a camera!)

Picture also includes the leaves of Aeschynanthus marmoratus, a tiny little plant of Peperomia 'Pixie' (a variegated sport of Peperomia 'Princess Astrid'), some Plectranthus fruticosus, and a blurred yellow leaf that I can't identify.(Answers on a postcard please!).