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Pelargonium 'Happy Thought'

28th August 2011

The standard bedding Pelargonium are tantalisingly close to hardy here. We have had a series of cold winters which have killed all my old plants including a straggling old red one that had grown in a cold greenhousew without help for many years.
I could probably manage to live without the plants but I can't resist the smell. Like Chrysanthemums, sooner or later I start to yearn for the smell (it's all childhood stuff and muddy knees).
'Happy Thought' was this years impulse purchase and it has sat in a tub by the front door all season. It will have to go somewhere when the threat of cold arrives and the nicely proportioned tub it is currently growing in will be inconveniently oversized, but cross that bridge when we come to it.

6th September 2013