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Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Atrosanguinea'

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14th November 2009

This has been a revelation, in a quite literal sense. I have only ever bought it once in my life - 1982, and it has moved around the garden a couple of times since. The last time was about 1995. The previous border it was growing in had become overgrown by the windbreak planted to protect it so I dug up the remaining contents and replanted them in a spare corner (and as it transpires I overlooked an Aconitum which continues to emerge occasionally between the trees). With my usual attention to details I walked away and forgot about it for a decade, and only remembered I had planted it when I cut down the brambles that had obscured it a la Sleeping Beauty. Revelation!
Since then it has been included in all of the reworkings of the herbaceous border, which is too large to be managable (and I am too stubborn to reduce in size). This year it has been included in version 7 of the herbaceous border which is my latest attempt at making the impossible look easy.
I should really add that I think it is 'Atrosanguineum', but I also grew 'Firetail' at the time, so the names may have become mixed through the decades. I am still a bit dizzy following the very sensible transfer of Polygonum to Persicaria, so I have not yet restored the confidence necessary for the identification of cultivars.

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