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Persicaria campanulata 'Ring of Roses'

2nd August 2006

The best of my own seedlings. About 20 years ago I collected together all the named forms of Persicaria campanulata that I could get hold of, and planted them together in a bed under some sycamore trees. Over the years I have raised a number of seedlings, and collected up a number of self sown seedlings from the group, and this is without doubt the best. Once I had named it, I was sent a piece of the very similar 'Madame Figard'.
There is also a seedling with old florets that turn the colour of ripe mulberries , instead of the usual darker pink, but I'm not sure it is really worth retaining. I also have a variegated seedling that is just as vigorous, and not really all that attractive, but probably worth mentioning.
I have also decided that there are enough different seedings of Persicaria campanulata in cultivation, and no pressing need for any more, so I have tried to eliminate the breeding bed - which is easier said than done. It is a determinedly persistent species.( That is meant as a warning - if you think you can contain it in a small space, you are wrong.)