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Petrocosmea aff. martinii 'Crugs Capricious'

22nd June 2008

Collected by Crug Farm Plants near the summit of Doi Chiang Dao in northern Thailand, under their number BSWJ 7249.
A new Petrocosmea to me - it came from Crug Farm Plants earlier in the spring and has produced a couple of light purple flowers. I am hoping that it will fatten up a little. At present the leaves are looking rather tired, and it is without the sense of prosperous self-satisfaction that seperates the successful gesneriads from those that may turn up their toes at any minute. (I have a handful of the more tender Chirita skulking in the conservatory that are also teetering on the brink of oblivion - a warm month now might restore their will to live, a cold month would tip them over the edge.)
The Petrocosmea are all at the experimental end of gardening - they may turn out to be excellent little plants for pot growing, or a sheltered spot in the garden, or they may die out in cultivation when the current flow of plants from Chinese nurseries ceases (as it must).