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Petunia patagonica

14th September 2013

A perennial species of Petunia from the dry lands of Patagonia. I have had it for a couple of years and when I got it the exciting news was that this clone was the one that had flowered (in 2009 I think). This year I planted it in the Agave house where it will be dry and warm. I thought there was a slim chance that it might produce an occasional flower, but I was wrong.
On the other hand it seems to have flowered for a great many people last year. There was a time during the summer when every alpine collection I visited had a plant with the dead flowers still clinging to the stems. I didn't actully catch up with a plant in flower until July (at Harlow Carr). Perhaps next year will be good for me.
Brown flowers aren't to everybody's taste but I think they are magnificent and the plant make a little hummock of foliage that is very satisfying. I gave it some gravel and rocks because it looked right not because I know what I am doing.

13th September 2014